Qstack is a comprehensive cloud infrastructure management solution that offers the ability to manage multiple clouds and hybrid deployments through the same self-service portal.

Qstack enables a self-service portal for users to provision and configure a complete range of IT resources, such as servers, including bare metal or virtual machines and networking – to storage options, including traditional and elastic object storage. It provides a complete overview of resource utilization and usage breakdown, complete with chargeback features that can be easily integrated into any monitoring solution. 

Qstack can run most virtualizable operating systems, and supports bare metal provisioning for High Performance Computing environments. It’s hypervisor-agnostic and able to run on any commodity hardware; thus can leverage existing infrastructure and licensing investments, or help phase out ineffective solutions.

Are you looking for a private cloud?

Qstack caters to your specific needs and market priorities while helping you meet your customers requirements.

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Is Hybrid cloud right for you?

Qstack provides a flexible solution that can augment or expand your operations, and consolidate resource management.

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Are you a service provider?

Qstack can help you capitalize on an enterprise-ready, brandable and fully customizable cloud.

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