Dynatronix is a leading manufacturer of DC, reverse power supplies, pulse power supplies and pulse reverse current power supplies. Dynatronix are dedicated to helping companies increase their market share while maximizing production capacity, maintaining a high level of quality and maximizing profitability of their products. The Dynatronix line of power supplies are manufactured with a diverse range of controls, from manually-operated systems through to the most sophisticated in automatic control and data collection.

Since inception in 1971, Dynatronix have introduced more than 500 rectifier models, showcasing their ability to be a complete solutions-provider in the markets they serve. Today, they have leading brands in a variety of industries, including medical, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, nanotechnology and metal finishing. Dynatronix power supplies have earned world-wide acceptance due to their high quality, precision performance and positive return on investment.

Whether you need DC, reverse, pulse, pulse reverse, single output, or multiple outputs, Dynatronix has the expertise to meet your specific needs from off-the-shelf power supplies through to a full design, engineering and manufacturing facility that can meet specific industry custom power supply solutions that include full controls and custom user interfaces. Dynatronix strive to be more than just a vendor. Their goal is to provide total power supply solutions.

Please visit the main Dynatronix website at www.dynatronix.com for a full range of their power supply product specifications and custom power supply development capabilities.

Product PDFs are also available in the Download area of our website

JLI Vision

JLI is solely involved in the development, manufacturing and installation of computer vision systems for industry and laboratories. JLI systems are delivered as turnkey systems with a functional guarantee at a fixed price and delivery time. JLI’s vision systems give you reliable and flexible production control that secures your quality control many years into the future, because JLI:

  • Is independent and able to choose the best hardware for the design.
  • Together with you we write a detailed specification before the final design, thereby we can guarantee that the system contains the necessary functionality.
  • Systems are fully automatic inspection and measuring systems, based on digital cameras connected to computers running specially developed programmes.
  • Works in many different industries ranging from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing to food processing to material handling and steelworks.
  • Has solved quality control tasks for companies in Europe, the USA, Japan and our home base, Denmark. JLI has partners for some of our products operating worldwide and agents in many countries.

Five Good Reasons for Choosing JLI

  • Have solved numerous applications in the past 27 years
  • Have explicit knowledge about which vision techniques will work in real-life
  • Use state-of-the-art technology
  • JLI software can be adapted to nearly any application
  • Customer-specific user-interfaces

  • Online follow-up and support on all systems
  • >90% of service issues can be handled online
  • Automatic surveilance of light, harddisk, temperature, fan speed etc.
  • Service agreements are available

  • Worldwide references
  • >90% of all customers return for more
  • JLI seeks long-lasting partnerships

  • Ensure JLI systems are delivered on time, within budget and at the agreed standard
  • Standardise documentation and development
  • JLI QMS is based on GAMP4 and 21 CFR PART 11
  • Audited by numerous medical customers to FDA standard

  • High speed / Capacity / Sensitivity / Accuracy
  • Rough envirronment Wet / Hot / Cold
  • Turnkey / Dedicated systems
  • Software library (25 years in the making)

Please visit the main JLIVision website at www.jlivision.com for a full range of their vision inspection systems and their custom system development capabilities. Product PDFs are also available in the Download area of our website

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