Bright Wolf

Bright Wolf enables solutions that transform people, processes and products through the Internet of Things.

Bright Wolf’s purpose built IoT platform, shaped by decades of connected systems experience and augmented by our full spectrum application development, operations and support services, accelerates development and deployment of industrial strength, future resistant interconnected systems allowing companies to harness innovative IoT solutions.

  • Battle Tested - Over 50 customers in production; multiple Fortune 50 / 500 clients; national deployments
  • Been There - Decades of experience building and deploying connected systems
  • Edge to Enterprise - Cloud, on-premise and on-thing
  • Pluggable Modules - Accelerating time-to-solution
  • Process - Repeatable, collaborative, development process
  • Full Spectrum Service - Application development, operations and support


Overall, there may well be a significant commercial opportunity associated with the development of IoT applications, but any new entrant into this market should realize that the world of IoT application development is still anything but simple, irrespective of the benefits of the new breed of IoT Application Enablement Platforms.

The Bright Wolf Platform is a comprehensive IoT application development and deployment platform that was architected from the device up, enabling flexible deployment models from on-thing, to on-premise, to cloud. Modular design, system consistency and multilingual support provide the Bright Wolf platform the foundation for developing and delivering your unique IoT application in a secure, scalable, future resistant system that gracefully integrates with your enterprise applications and systems.

The Bright Wolf philosophy is to ‘design for change and longevity’, as such, our platform incorporates decades of connected systems experience with the objective of providing robust, future resistant solutions.

Platform Features


Given our philosophy of ‘design for change and longevity’, the Bright Wolf Platform, shaped by decades of connected systems experience, has been architected to allow for technological advancements providing a true future resistant solution.

  • Edge to Enterprise - shred code base from thing, to premise, to cloud
  • Modular design - RESTful API’s
  • Standards based
  • Semantic web / Graph data model (time series, cached data)
  • Programming language / OS agnostic
  • Pluggable data stores
  • Security – fine grained time series based permissions (authentication, authorization and auditing)
  • Dashboards - customizable alerts
  • Analytics
  • Enterprise Integration

Key Solutions