Cooper Engineering provide sales, project implementation & system support services for the BehavioSec user authentication & verification platform. BehavioSec is the leading provider of behaviometric authentication solutions without requiring additional special hardware. BehavioSec was ed as “Cool Vendors in Security: Identity and Access Management, 2012“ with its patented Continuous Authentication & Verification technology.

The company focuses on innovation in behavioral biometrics and counts DARPA and leading International financial institutions among its clients. BehavioSec’s technology is already used by major banks throughout Europe.

How does BehavioSec work?

Each person has a unique behavior when interacting with a web page through a computer’s (and/or Smart Phone) keyboard and user interface. Without affecting the normal workflow, BehavioWeb continuously verifies the active user, making sure it is the same user during the whole session by monitoring the user’s behaviometrics. BehavioWeb collects behavioral statistics of your usual usage patterns and sends a similarity ratio together with the transaction. The issuer receives more data from the BehavioWeb solution to determine whether the session behavior fits the active profile, therefore adding a new factor for risk mitigation.

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BehavioSec collaborates with the top financial institutions and technology leaders across the world to achieve integrity online with behaviour transformed to an additional security layer. Business drivers are to improve customer experience by real-time identity verification.

Automated fraud analytics

Reduce manual review using an automated, adaptive, self-learning system.

Spot anomalies in real-time

Behaviosec delivers a risk “score,” on behavioural biometrics and includes suggested risk levels to allow you to make decisions to block, flag or allow.

Speed-up Alert investigations

Reduce false positives by user behaviour of Who They Are NOT What device/Where they are.

Understand the data

An integral part of BehavioSec algorithm is an analysis of individual data attributes for each field entered.

Detect financial crime

Incorporates cloud based anomaly detection and history of prior fraudulent users

Improve customer experience

Make real-time, automated fraud decisions to reduce false positives and chargebacks.

Key Solutions