Cooper Engineering provide business development and technical support services in Europe for a range of SAAS technology companies providing software solutions and platforms that span Manufacturing, Information Technology and Mobile Technology sectors.

Cooper Engineering have forged strong partnerships with leading Mobile App development, Mobile Technology and “Big Data” Analytics companies (including Appstudioz, Mobinius, New Relic, LeadSift and Seeq) where we source business and provide business development and technical support for these companies within Europe.


We are experts in helping you track, determine, and act on the ever-changing relationships between people, places and things essential to your success. With our market-proven enterprise proximity platform, customers can Track the key people, places, and things that matter to them, Determine proximity and intent, and Act to drive business value. We turn the increasing... Read more »


Qstack is a comprehensive cloud infrastructure management solution that offers the ability to manage multiple clouds and hybrid deployments through the same self-service portal. Qstack enables a self-service portal for users to provision and configure a complete range of IT resources, such as servers, including bare metal or virtual machines and networking – to storage… Read more »


Cooper Engineering provide sales, development and system support services for the Catavolt rapid mobile enterprise app development platform in Europe. The Catavolt app development platform enables users to easily create and deploy secure enterprise apps that integrate with your existing systems, all without programming. Catavolt facilitates the rapid development of personalised apps for users, within… Read more »


Cooper Engineering provide sales, project implementation & system support services for the BehavioSec user authentication & verification platform. BehavioSec is the leading provider of behaviometric authentication solutions without requiring additional special hardware. BehavioSec was ed as “Cool Vendors in Security: Identity and Access Management, 2012“ with its patented Continuous Authentication & Verification technology. The company… Read more »

Bright Wolf

Bright Wolf enables solutions that transform people, processes and products through the Internet of Things. Bright Wolf’s purpose built IoT platform, shaped by decades of connected systems experience and augmented by our full spectrum application development, operations and support services, accelerates development and deployment of industrial strength, future resistant interconnected systems allowing companies to harness… Read more »


LeadSift brings brands and businesses closer to their customers. Our technology sifts through massive amounts of social data, and using our machine learning algorithms classifies who a person is, what they are talking about and where in the buying journey they are. For every user collected, over 100 attributes about their habits, preferences and lifestyle… Read more »

New Relic

New Relic have revolutionized mobile app performance monitoring with real-time performance visibility into code running on the device and backend services. Quickly isolate the root cause of app issues with User Interaction Traces that combine app and backend code-level diagnostics with end-user device performance, including CPU & memory utilization in an easy-to-read timeline. Plus, monitor… Read more »


Data doesn’t lie, but it does speak in a language that needs interpretation. Industrial Process Data involves streams of time-series data, events, and signals, as well as related contextual data from other systems used by production and manufacturing organizations. Due to the high volume, velocity, and variety of these data streams, industrial process data typically… Read more »


ASI DATAMYTE is the leader in providing solutions for Quality in Assembly, Manufacturing and Laboratory operations around the globe. With more than 40 years experience, a global presence and world class solutions, we can help you. The ASIDatamyte QDA Integrated suite of solutions for quality Management – SPC – Incoming Inspection – Supplier Management – Quality… Read more »

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